Parking Sensors & Reverse Cameras
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Parking Sensors & Reverse Cameras

These handy advancements in driving technology have become a ‘must have’ accessory when buying a new vehicle. Known to improve safety and help prevent car park prangs they have been helping us squeeze into tight car parking spots for a number of years now. The use ultrasonic technology to detect obstacles which help us to avoid costly repairs. But, you don’t have to fork out for a brand new or high level car to enjoy the benefits of parking sensors and reverse cameras. At Ultimate Audio we can install these on to most vehicles.

At Ultimate Audio we are specialists in all forms of vehicle electric accessories. So whether you’re looking for a parking sensor system to replace your current model or to install a reverse camera on a base model or older vehicle you can contact our experienced team for complete peace of mind.

Enjoy these benefits when choosing Ultimate Audio for parking sensor and reverse camera services.
  • Experienced fitters
  • Can be colour coded to the exact colour of your car for a more discreet factory fit look
  • Can be fitted to the front and rear of most vehicles.
  • Displays can be added for extra notification of obsticles

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