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Installation of screens to replace factory fitted radio
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Keeping passengers entertained on long journeys is tough, headrest TV screens can be the saving grace. Compatible with DVD players and even available with games consoles built-in.

Does the thought of another game of I Spy fill you with dread for the next family holiday? Or simply want to add a touch of creature comfort to your vehicle? Upgrading your coach or mini bus? TV/DVD solutions can be installed in most vehicles and offer the added benefit of being able to be linked to monitors for parking assistance.

At Ultimate Audio we are specialists in all forms of vehicle electric accessories. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle with some passenger entertainment or, a fleet coach owner looking to stay ahead of the competition by offering a more luxurious journey, you can contact our experienced team for complete peace of mind.

Enjoy these benefits when choosing Ultimate Audio for TV/DVD installation.
  • Suppliers of Rosan headrest entertainment systems with bespoke trimming to match leather interiors.
  • Roofmount screens for cars, minibusses and coaches.
  • Universal headrest dvd systems with separate or shared viewing with games console built in.
  • TV, DVD and games console installations.
  • Unlock factory tv in motion ( passenger use only)
  • Video input to selected factory screens (for passenger use only)
  • Installation of screens to replace factory fitted radio
  • Reverse cameras can be added to monitors for parking assistance

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