speed camera detectors
Speed Camera Detectors
Alerts you of overspending for safer driving
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Speed Camera Detectors

Speed cameras cover UK roads, whilst an important safety feature it can be very frustrating to get caught out on a road which isn’t clearly marked.

But speed camera alerts aren’t the only features! This handy piece of kit will also notify you of approaching emergency services including unmarked police cars and alerts you if you do exceed the speed limit.

A great safety feature that can also save you money on expensive fines.

At Ultimate Audio we are specialists in all forms of vehicle electric accessories. So whether you’re looking to enhance your safety or avoid a fine, you can contact our experienced team for complete peace of mind.

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  • Approved installers of Target Blue Eye, a system designed to warn you of approaching emergency services such as marked and unmarked police cars, ambulances and fire engines.
  • All systems 100% legal in the uk.
  • Alerts you of overspending for safer driving.
  • Helps to keep your driving licence clean.

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