We are approved to fit all major brands of trackers
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Primarily used for fleet commercial vehicles, trackers give the owner of the vehicle the opportunity to visually see where their vehicles are in real-time. This is extremely useful for the management of staff for the emergency services, taxi firms and even delivery fleets to name a few. Not only that, it’s a great added security measure with some trackers offering the feature to immobilise the vehicle remotely should it get stolen.

At Ultimate Audio we are specialists in all forms of vehicle electric accessories. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your current vehicle tracking systems to something which displays speed and location of your vehicles, or install a new system from scratch, you can contact our experienced team for complete peace of mind.

Enjoy these benefits when choosing Ultimate Audio for vehicle tracker installation.
  • We are approved to fit all major brands of trackers.
  • All types of trackers stocked from non insurance trackers to trackers that can immoblise the vehicle remotely if it is stolen
  • Fleet work undertaken.
  • Our systems allow you to view all of your vehicle from a single map and can display a history of speed and location of each vehicle allowing your company to be safer and more efficient.

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