Car Alarms and Category 5 Trackers for Safer Cars in Croydon

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Based in nearby West Wickham, Ultimate Audio is a prominent car modifications company for Croydon motorists. In addition to installing supreme audio equipment for your car, we can also fit you out with the latest security and safety features on the market, including category 5 trackers, car alarms, car phone kits and parking sensors.

On this blog page, we take a closer look at some of the customisations we can make to your car, and how they can improve your driving experience.

Car Alarms

Motor vehicle crime in Croydon is unfortunately on the rise, with Metropolitan Police statistics showing that there were 282 thefts of/from vehicles in the borough in June 2016, compared to 275 in June 2015. It’s therefore important to ensure that vehicles are fitted with functional car alarms, to raise an alert to you, your neighbours and the police that your car is being broken into.

Among the most sophisticated car alarms that we stock is a two-way pager alarm system. This sends a signal to a remote to alert the vehicle owner that a break-in is in progress. The vehicle owner can then notify the police immediately, increasing the chance that the thief will be apprehended. This also works as a backup if the thief is able to disable the alarm quickly, and will still alert the owner if they are away from their car.

Car alarms can also be customised to your preference, with any combination available of a siren, klaxon, horn sound or even a pre-recorded verbal message – you might like to send out a “special greeting” of your own to prospective thieves!

Category 5 Trackers

At Ultimate Audio we always ensure we stock security equipment right at the vanguard of technology, which is why we sell Thatcham Category 5 Trackers to Croydon motorists. These are at the forefront of modern tracking devices, so that in the unfortunate event your vehicle is stolen, category 5 trackers will be able to locate it instantly.

With a similar function to the “Find Your Phone” feature on most modern smart phones, our category 5 trackers can use GPS technology to track your vehicle in real-time, allowing police to apprehend the thief and (hopefully) have your car returned safely to you.

Car Phone Kits

Everyone likes to have a personal play list when they’re on the move, and having your favourite songs or podcasts on can make driving in Croydon a more enjoyable experience. Our car phone kits can hold your smart phone on the dashboard, so you have complete control over what’s playing at your fingertips, whether you connect by wireless Bluetooth technology or a cable to your car’s speakers.

Our car phone kits also make your driving experience safer, allowing you to make and receive hands-free calls, avoiding the dangers of mobile use while driving (and the associated hefty fines). Car phone kits can also save you money; rather than an expensive piece of GPS satellite equipment, why not just use a “maps” app on your phone?

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors tend to be a standard feature on newer cars, but if your vehicle is a little older, this is a modification that is virtually essential in a built-up area like Croydon. With parking space at a premium, your car may have to fit into a tight spot and even drivers with the best depth perception can often scrape other cars and objects.

With parking sensors alerting you when another object is becoming close, you can park perfectly every time, and avoid unfortunate accidents. Another major advantage of parking sensors is that they actually reduce your insurance premiums by an average of 13%, making them an extremely shrewd investment for Croydon drivers.

Ultimate Audio are also able to fit rear view cameras that provide visuals whilst backing into or out of a space; these are becoming a legal requirement in the US, and the UK may also follow suit shortly.

If you’re a Croydon motorist, and looking improve the safety and security features for your car, call us on 0208 777 0777 to find out about our range of car phone kits and car alarms.

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