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At Ultimate Audio, we’re confident we can provide the latest in security and safety features for any Bromley business that has a fleet of vehicles. Whether you’re a private-hire taxi firm or a delivery company that prides itself on speedy and efficient service, you’ll want to invest in our category 5 trackers, car alarms, car phone kits and parking sensors to ensure your vehicles are both protected and ensure the best possible experience for the customer.

On this blog, we’ve looked to answer some frequently-asked questions we’ve received from Bromley business owners about our range of products. If you have an alternative query to those listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0208 777 0777 and one of our car modification specialists will be happy to assist.

Ultimate Audio: Frequently-Asked Questions

I’m the owner of a car-leasing company. How will upgraded car alarms benefit me?

Having the latest car alarms fitted to your fleet of vehicles can provide peace of mind, both for you and for your customers in Bromley. If the unfortunate should happen and the hire car is broken into, our range of car alarms can quickly raise the alert that a theft is in progress. One of the most advanced alarm systems we stock are two-way pager car alarms. These communicate to either a single or to multiple remotes, which means you will be made aware when the alarm is sounding on one of your vehicles. Even if the leaser is not able to respond straight away to a theft, a hire company can hold a remote and alert the police that a robbery is occurring.

If your fleet of vehicles includes older or budget cars, the car alarms installed by the OEM may not be advanced enough to cope with modern car theft techniques. Our aftermarket car alarms have proved popular with Bromley car hire businesses as they provide an assurance that cars will send out a clear audible warning for the leasee that their hire car is under threat.

I own a Bromley manufacturing plant with a fleet of lorries, and my drivers find their vehicles hard to manoeuvre. How can parking sensors help them?

Parking sensors are an essential piece of kit for most motorists, but especially vital for large vehicles like lorries, vans and limousines. By sending out a clear signal to the driver that another vehicle or an object is too close when parking will help drivers of even the most unwieldy and awkward vehicles get into a space, which is especially important in a built-up area such as Bromley.

In addition to the latest in parking sensors, Ultimate Audio are also able to install cameras on the back of your vehicle, giving the driver a live video feed of the view from a vehicle’s rear. These are becoming a legal requirement in the US, and the UK may follow suit.Get your car kitted out with parking sensors and rear view cameras at Ultimate Audio now to precede demand.

I own a private-hire taxi firm in Bromley. Should my drivers have car phone kits in their vehicles?

Absolutely. Our car phone kits are perfect for private-hire taxi drivers, providing easy access to calls and maps with no compromise to safety whilst driving. When “on call” in Bromley, our car phone kits allow the taxi driver to store the phone in a cradle, and connect with Bluetooth technology to an earpiece. This enables them to stay in contact with their taxi rank manager or to get in touch with the customer.

Hands-free car phone kits can also let you have a view of a “maps” app on a smartphone.This may be more cost effective for a Bromley taxi rank operator than buying a GPS satellite system on top of one of our car phone kits.

I own a package delivery company. How can Category 5 Trackers help me ensure my drivers are carrying out quick and efficient customer service?

Category 5 trackers are currently the top of the range in terms of vehicle tracking equipment. Not only can fitting a category 5 tracker enable you to locate and recover a stolen vehicle, a real-time feed utilising GPS technology can track the movements of your fleet.

You might like to track the promptness of your delivery drivers and the efficiency of their route to their destination. Improving the customer service of your drivers with category 5 trackers is well worth the initial investment, as they can give your delivery firm the competitive edge in the Bromley market.

Bromley motorists should call us on 0208 777 0777 to find out more about our range of car alarms, category 5 trackers, parking sensors and car phone kits.

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